Wall Heater

3Do I need to get my wall heater inspected? Why? Because a venting problem could occur.

 A wall furnace is a long space heater cut into or affixed to the outside of an internal wall of a domestic dwelling.  Most homes and businesses are heated by complex systems that are far more advanced than what was available even two decades ago. These systems are very ecologically safe, but they require accurate and professional service.

Whether you have an older heating systems or not,older homes should be serviced professionally from time to time.  Our concern on servicing these appliances is your safety, the heat exchangers and the gas combustion are checked and if deemed safe the appliance is then serviced and repaired.

Our wall furnace installation, repair, and maintenance technicians are fully qualified to work on modern systems, as well as older systems.

 This job typically consists of a few but delicate things:

  • Removing and cleaning the firebox.
  • Cleaning the heater exhaust flue.
  • Use of brushes and de-clogging tools to clean the vents.
  • And if necessary, may need to replace the whole unit.

 Wall mount heaters are excellent for supplementing the heat for an individual room such as a bedroom, bathroom, or other living space needing additional heat.  Modern wall mount heaters are attractive and quite energy efficient, and give that extra heat in the room(s) where you need it most. Some excellent advantage of wall mount heaters is that they don’t take up floor space, and they are silent and make the room cozy.

 Wall Heater Repair services for:

• Residential and Commercial

• Affordable Diagnostic Fee for Service Calls

• Free Estimates on New and Replacements Units

• 12 Months Part and Labor Warranty on Installations

 With a history of success and ample industry experience, our highly skilled technicians can help with all types of wall heaters, regardless of designor model.  Our wall mount heating crew service all brands and types of wall mount heating systems to meet the needs of your household orbusiness environment.

 No matter the problem, we can figure it out and focus on repairing it as quickly as possible. Do not take any chances, we not only do troubleshooting and repairs, we can also help you set up a regular maintenance program to ensure your wall furnace stays trouble-free.

 Whether you need a new wall mount heating system installed, or a system serviced or repaired, Local Heating Pros is here to meet your wall mount heater system needs. Call us today at (480) 435-9731