Heat Pump

12Is your heat pump not working as well as it did in the past, or worse yet, has it completely stopped working altogether?

 If you’re having difficulties with your heat pump, then it’s time to call “Local Heating Pros“.  We’ll promptly dispatch one of our skilled technicians, who will provide a professional diagnosis of your current heat pump’s state, as well as expert heat pump repairs.

 “Local Heating Pros” offers comprehensive heating repair and heat pump maintenance services on all brands of residential and commercial systems. We have found that the best way to safeguard and lengthen the life of your heating systems is to make sure it is serviced regularly.

 With many years of experience repairing heat pumps just like yours, “Local Heating Pros” can quickly identify the problem and make the necessary heat pump and Air Conditioner repairs at an affordable price.

 Heat Pump Services:

*Heat Pump Repair

*Heating Pump Replacement & Installation

*Heat Pump Maintenance

 We have seen many cases where a system is leaking refrigerant 22 for severalyears,especially when the leak is obvious,this can be repairedeasily instead of adding refrigerant constantly.  With regular heat pump maintenance, you can extend its life and help keep it at peak performance. A visit from your expert “Local Heating Pros” technician can help your heat pump and air conditioner continue to perform at its best.

 Don’t forget, we can offer air conditioning and heat pump repair service on any brand of heat pump and air conditioning system, no matter where you bought it. You can trust that our expert technicians will do the job correctly.  You don’t know when your heat pump will fail, we have technicians available during evenings and weekends to run repair calls. Although we do not have access to our vendors after hours, we do keep a good stock of replacement parts on our vans just for these types of situations

 The benefits of choosing “Local Heating Pros“:

  1. Maintains your warranty
  2. Lower running costs
  3. Increases heating and cooling performance
  4. Keeps you healthier
  5. Safer

 When properly maintained, heat pumps can work well for up to 10-15 years. But if you do have a problem with your heat pump, “Local Heating Pros” has trained experts that can diagnose and repair your heat pump.  Whether you are looking for heating services for your older or newer appliance, residential or commercial, we offer 24/7 same-day emergency service, contact us today at (480) 435-9731