About Us

6For all of your heating and cooling needs, call the experts you can trust.

 Home owners face all kinds of heating and cooling challenges, from below-zero winter days to hot and humid sleepless nights in the summer. Whether you need to maintain, repair, or replace your system, don’t settle for just anyone, call in the experts.

 The right heating and cooling products for your home. Heating and cooling systems for homes vary widely –including homes with hot water, forced air, hybrid or other heating systems. At Standard, we never recommend a furnace or give you a price before evaluating your home’s heating system and performing a heat loss/gain analysis.

This is even more critical if you’ve made changes or updates to your home since your current heating and cooling systems were originally installed.  You deserve the best heating and cooling service!

 Whether you need a checkup, a tune up, a home comfort analysis or an all-new system, you’ll havethe top heating and cooling experts visit your home when you call “Local Heating Pros“. We have more than 20 certified technicians, more than 15 service vehicles, and more than 10 home comfort consultants to serve you.

 We’re honest Because we really know heating and cooling, we will give you a thorough, honest analysis and an honest estimate.You won’t need to worry about surprises when we start our work.

Expert people We have always made sure that our people are the most knowledgeable heating and cooling experts.  We’re reliable There’s something to be said for being a family managed and owned business for generations. We treat our employees like family, and they in turn treat you like friendly neighbors.

To learn how we can increase the comfort of your home or business, please call our office today at (480) 435-9731